Adam Robillard

Graphic Designer

A laptop showing the home page of The Hub.

The Hub & Rebound

The Hub & Rebound are a charitable organization in Almonte, Ontario. As project lead, I lead a team of students to develop The Hub & Rebound's new brand and website.


  1. Branding
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Development
A mock up of the new Québec Nordiques jersey design.

Québec Nordiques

A reimagining of the Québec Nordiques brand, updated to fit in the 2018 NHL design climate. It expands on the nordic symbolism while still remaining connected to its Francophone roots.


  1. Jersey Design
  2. Sports Design
  3. Motion
A laptop showing the home page of Spruce Creative.

Spruce Creative

Spruce Creative Inc. is a design and marketing agency in Ottawa that focuses on building brands that build community. They are story tellers and I got to help them tell their story by redesigning their website.


  1. Web Design
A conference booth with the AMCES branding.

AMCES Rebrand

AMCES is an Association Management company that works with not-for-profit associations. I created their new brand to better reflect the company's professional, forward thinking business practices.


  1. Logo Design
  2. Branding
A mock up of the 2018 Team Canada dark jersey.

More Fun

A collection of designs I have created that unfortunately did not quite fit into a case study, but I am still proud of. Enjoy!


I am the kind of person who listens to a Dungeons & Dragons podcast while lacing up their skates in a hockey dressing room. I am equal parts passionate sports fan and massive nerd. I love learning new things, testing out theories, and discovering what is possible.

That’s why I love design. I get to be a huge nerd and spend hours on end coding this website from scratch. I get to design the jerseys that fans cheer their favourite team on with. I get to meet new people and learn about their passions and make something awesome with them.

I am excited to hear what your passion is and how we can work together to create something amazing.

Adam Robillard's headshot.