The Hub & Rebound

The Hub & Rebound are a charitable organization in Almonte, Ontario. In my role as the project lead, I oversaw the development of the new logos and brand, providing critiques and guidance. I also fully designed and developed the new website using Jekyll and Netlify.

A laptop showing the home page of The Hub.


  1. Branding
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Development


  1. Team Lead
  2. Designer
  3. Web Developer


  1. 2018


The original website homepage design created in Winter Semester 2017, my second semester of Graphic Design education.

View original website
Screenshot of the original Polished website design homepage.


The updated version of the website focused on modern, clean web design with easily reusable code. It is coded using the Jekyll framework, which allows easy duplication of elements while keeping customizability.

View updated website
Screenshot of the new Polished website design homepage.
A computer, laptop, and tablet displaying the Polished website design at different screen sizes.

Visual Design

The goal of the Polished+ redesign was to modernize the visual design to clearly communicate the products features and benefits. The new visual design focuses on images and real world examples of logos and products instead of the illustrative style of the original. This better provides the customers with realistic expectations of the services and products the Polished+ Platform can provide.


Chosen for its strong readability, Ubuntu is a web ready typeface that helps communicate well while staying versatile for variety of scenarios.


The alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 displayed using the font Ubuntu.


The colour palette is simple and used sparingly. Colours are only used to create emphasis and to help seperate elements on the page.